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Everyone Can Relate To Phenix Red’s New Single

“Hanging on the Edge” Is By Far Her Most Significant Single To Date

NASHVILLE TN - Phenix Red describes her music as ‘Roxul Pop’ - a unique blend of synthpop and avant-garde tones sewn together with a unique underbelly of hip/hop driven 808’s to a rock edge. That term describes her newest single, “Hanging on the Edge,” to a tee. It is a rousing anthem for living life to the fullest.

Available on February 22, 2019, the song will be the first single from her upcoming EP, ‘The Chariot’. It reinforces the message of accepting yourself unconditionally even in your moments of ‘crazy’ when riding life’s “rollercoaster.” It inspires you to love yourself through your low moments, and to learn not be so hard on yourself when you’re going through rough terrain.

“I wanted to create an anthem with a ringing message,” says Phenix Red. “You have so many beautiful layers in your life; some are layered in gold and some are layered in mud, but they are all substantial to the person you chose to become. One of the hardest lessons for me has been learning to accept myself even when my feelings are ugly and scary. Even though I may feel like I can’t take it anymore and I’m going to throw my conscience out the window, I am going to accept myself right here in the present.”

Phenix RED moved to Nashville seven years ago knowing no one and only having a few dollars to her name. Literally starting from scratch, she has overcome one obstacle after another. Now, with this breakthrough new single, she is taking her amazing songwriting, powerful voice and eccentric persona to the world. The song encapsulates everything she believes in and delivers the message of empowerment she has worked so hard to craft.

Phenix Red is unique and outrageous. A bold electrifying performer yet a very introspective songwriter. She compels audiences to accept themselves as they are, to enjoy life's gifts, and to keep on fighting even when it seems like they are “Hanging On The Edge”.


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