A Mental movement

Experiencing Human. The Honest Expression. The Physical Experience. The Hard Conversation & The Power of One's Mind.



            I believe in using one's art to impact the world inspiring positive and powerful change. It's a vital mission of which is a privilege as well as a duty. As artists we need to take what we say on the mic seriously because that ideology of thoughts will soak into the ears of the listener and  become a part of their system network. We soak in so much these days through our phones, our tvs, social media, the news. We take in a lot of energy from the world around us and it ultimately starts peaking out in the way we think, the way we dress, what we value to be important, what we see to be successful, how we view ourselves and thus all those around us. All these judgements, all these glorified opinions, all these altered versions of this "reality".

            RIGHT NOW -There are 7 billion little worlds walking around this planet and with the access today especially, we have all become a part of eachothers existence on a global scale. WE are constantly influencing and impacting eachother in a million different ways. We are ultimately changing the reality of existence at every word, every action, and every inflection. We are way more powerful then we can see of ourselves through our own eyes. WE have to constantly address our mind, what we are listening to, what we are watching, and filtrate out what we do not need. Eliminate the waste, and cleanse the palette of what does not serve us. Food for thought, food for spirit, food for body. Negative evil energy lingers in many shapes and configurations. IT is powerful, parasitic, and easy. We are attracted to it...some way some how. Isn't it facisnating??? So quick to want to know all about the next drama, waisting our time on the "HYPE" instead of focusing our energy on what matters. Life is good & evil.  What hand do you feed? 

Lay me down, it’s a revival. I’ve been bared the eyes of a rifle..I can’t lie ..Hand on the Bible.
— Phenix // "Dinosaur"

            It is an unusual feeling when you think about the concepts of freedom, and empowerment, and vitality. All of those hold so many different meanings and it has taken me down a rabbit hole of self reflection and analyzation. For all the love in this great big world there will always be hate....there is will always be judgement....there will always be Evil. We cannot have one without the other. There will always be the Yin to theYang, Winter to Summer, Rainy days and Sunny Days, Struggle before Success.

            When I channel my art through all of those conceptual answers it truly manifests into something organic and beyond me I'd like to think. I take alot of time digesting the symbolism of the "Phoenix" and how I can draw from that tale and bring it to life where modern meets ancient, and dust meets pavement. I have always felt that my soul was old...that maybe it had even been here before....maybe this is my last lifetime....I've just always been so self aware. Not JUST of myself but of others around me as well. I stay tangled up in the deep end, not to often do I dip my toes in the shallows let alone come up for air. There's too much to clean up on the ocean floor we call this existence. 


Fluent in the Words of the Tribal ...I’m not NATIVE but baby I’m Vital ...Chains can’t hold the Spirit of the Eagle
— Phenix // "Dinosaur"


            We must first seek to understand THEN to be UNDERSTOOD. I have WarBands tattoed on my arm to represent the FOUR things I need to always be reminded of.  The first Band represents "UNDERSTANDING" .... I am "big" on looking at a situation or a person from all angles and perspectives. We can't possibly see what someone else sees, we can't feel what they feel HOW THEY FEEL IT... We don't have any idea how they grew up and how that reality imprinted on them. We have to seek to understand eachothers struggle and story before we can pass any kind of judgement of who they really are as a person. There are things in our identity that we've let, in a sense, be molded by the world.

            So much plays a part into who we are and why we think the way we think. So much programming in experience....we've all have some scratches on our records. But you know what? That's why we have eachother. We need to band together and seek to discover one another, because in that process we will learn ourselves that much more. We were made to be connected. Our adversity is neccessary for the Prosperity of the world. 

I Crave ONE LOVE but baby it’s a struggle, People JUDGE and I’m a Dirty Muggle...so are they Oh Baby we’re all Tangled.
— Phenix // "Dinosaur"


            I have this thing where I constantly feel the need to fly but I have a strong need to be grounded as well.... Both opposite sides of the spectrum. Balance is an attribute I have found to be extremely important in a healthy successful life. Balancing your spirit with work and play and allowing yourself those mental break days where you do whatever you want whether it's laying on the couch for nine hours or not. You have to learn when it's okay to take a little TLC for yourself. When it's okay to eat the donut or not eat the donut for a healthy functioning metabolism.

            No matter what you are going through, when it all seems to go to that extreme place where your pushed up against a boundary - find your center, and think from a level place. Weigh both sides of the argument evenly and that goes for life decisions, feelings & interpretations of situations and self care. You are not living at your optimum level if you are not balanced. In a rodeo you would fall right out of the saddle if you were at all a little off balance. Essentially everything in the world opporates on that balancing system and we are no exception to the necessity. 


            REPEAT AFTER ME: " I am going to be a Warrior today. I am NOT going to lay down and take it. I will NOT be trampled on. NOTHING can break me down, there is not ONE THING existing on this planet that holds the power to define or determine my life. I will move with PERSISTENCE...with an utter determination that no matter how hard you try to stop me, no matter how often you try to tear me down, I will RELENTLESS thrive beyond your efforts. TODAY is another day that I move towards my destiny and I will smile into the face of every creature and human being that comes into my path because I love myself, I love this life, and I am going to make it what I know I deserve."

            We were born to crumble.......but we were born to crumble because we were BORN to RISE. Whatever your searching for, whatever you are working towards....just know that you can never quit. You can never know the words: "I give up" or "I can't" ....You only KNOW and SPEAK - "I can & I will" If I had listened to the people who tried to stop me from moving to Nashville...who told me I would never have a shot...that I would be better off staying in that tiny town and working at the grocery store for the rest of my life....well - if I would have really listened to them THAT is exactly where I'd be.  I would be chugging the dirt of my destiny each and every day. I would be throwing the power of my purposedown the drain each and everyday. I would not be living ...I would be existing. I would be the REALITY in which THEY saw me. But you know what? THEY COULDN'T SEE IN THE FIRST PLACE! THAT WAS THEIR PROBLEM.

            They were blind to the endless possibilities that we have in our lifetime alone. They had shut that vein off of creativity, immagination, and WONDER. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!! That will NEVER DO! If you want to change your life and chase what you know in your gut and heart alike is your PURPOSE then you need to put EVERYTHING YOU HAVE INTO THAT and be prepared to struggle and work hard each and every day going against the grain of resistance energy. Just know -THAT IS YOUR only pathway to success. And in the process....focus on another big "P" word and that's "PATIENCE" .....She really teaches you that you are not always supposed to arrive at your destination when you THINK you're supposed to arrive....but you definitely arrive there when you were meant to at the perfect alignment for the next stage.