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Release Date march 7, 2019

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“i stood with moses in the flood | heres what he told me”


Release Date : March 7 2019                                                          

Phenix Red’s New Single “Moses” Sets The Tone As She Welcomes Us Into Her World

“Moses” is the second single release leading up to her album “The Chariot”.

NASHVILLE TN - In a industry laden with pretty voices churning out formula songs, Phenix Red is making a name for herself as the resident rebel. At first her newest single, “Moses” will fill you with haunting angst. But the song craftily tells a story of being on the run and then awakening with a new sense of power. Phenix Red She describes her music as ‘Roxul Pop’ - an ‘eclectic mix of synthpop and avant-garde tones sewn together with a unique underbelly of hip/hop driven 808’s to a rock edge’.

Available on March 7th, 2019, the song will be the second single from her upcoming EP, ‘The Chariot’. “Around the time I was writing ‘MOSES’,” says Phenix Red.  “I was going through a lot of distrust in myself. I felt like I was really facing the dark side of me that had been dug up through the process of going through health issues and life traumas. I began to second guess my actions, my future and what I believed in. I felt like I was in the mud learning how to climb through it, and in the process had to reclaim myself. ‘Moses’ was about me taking ownership of myself and asking that self-sabotaging energy to leave me.”

Phenix Red is bold and outrageous, yet her music is filled with true-life stories and emotion. She is an electrifying entertainer, yet a very introspective songwriter. Her goal is to compel audiences to accept themselves as they are, to enjoy life's gifts, and to keep on fighting.

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