The Fire is coming


“I Stood with moses in the flood, here’s what he told me

Release Date March 7, 2019.

Phenix Red’s New Single, "Moses" Is An Anthem For All Generations

Nashville-based Roxul Pop singer, Phenix is proud to announce the upcoming release of ‘Moses’, her latest and most relevant single to date. The song features infectious rock - pop melodies and the hook and bridge accented by her uplifting lyrics.   


     As Phenix describes it, “This is the beginning of a story full of reflections and hopes. "Moses" is about the power we have to write our story as we feel it, as we live it, and as we see it. All of us struggle to love and accept others as we yearn to love and accept ourselves. It recounts the moment I was truly "bared" - stripped and vulnerable, and found my inner strength and my VOICE. In turn, I found acceptance, and with that the need to share my hopes for everyone. This is an ANTHEM. Take your story and write it down. Take your dreams and write your glory. Write the rest of your story and BELIEVE it. Believe in yourself. Behind the illusion of labels and boxes, we are all ancient creatures trying to make out this world we live in. We're all searching to know why we're here and what our purpose is. I hope that the song brings you new light.” 


Beginning this spring Phenix will be embarking on a year-long tour of grammar, middle and high schools throughout the US and Canada, sharing her message of hope with hundreds of thousands of students.  


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