I am

phenix RED. 



Powerhouse Rebel Phenix Red is making a name for herself standing apart from the common flow. A visionary singer/songwriter and producer, Phenix has crafted a sound as raw as it is real. Having been described as a blend of soulful warrior infusions, catchy pop melodies, and gutty rockedges - Phenix has curated what is the "Roxul Pop" Movement. From the depths, Unlike anything on the indie scene, Phenix is a theatrical stamp pioneering out of bounds with her powerful stage performances and stretchy set of pipes - Phenix has well established her persona to be a true reflection of her movement. "A visual assault that will attack all your senses"

My Mission..."the warrior movement"

Working on so many things all at once to deliver a message that withstands the barriers of society and social media. Using my presence on this Earth as a voice of empowermentunderstanding, and perserverence. If I know nothing else - I know we are made for more than the shallows we wade in. Here to Learn & Uplift those around us...to Create and Innovate & INFLUENCE the direction of time and reality. Powerful creatures designed as art.  Living within the barriers of molds will only sadden our spiritsWE must take of the Mask. So I want to use my voice to do my part in lighting that spark, that fire inside you to break away from the chains that bind you and shed that old skin. Become newevolved, and grand in your own terms of existence. WE are all ANCIENT creatures living in a modern WORLD.  

Phenix Warrior Shoot1.jpg